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Tag Archive: fair debt collection laws

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  • Providian Credit Card Debt Lawsuit

    We have seen a recent increase in the number of consumers sued on an alleged debt arising from an old Providian credit card account. The good news is that you may have legal defenses if you are sued on an alleged Providian credit card debt. Speak to a Florida Credit Card Lawyer to learn about credit card laws and fair debt collection laws.

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  • Requests For Production

    During a debt collection lawsuit, the other side may send you requests for production of documents. Those requests are exactly what they sound like: a legal request for you to produce the listed documents. However, keep in mind that you also have the right to ask the other side to produce documents relevant to the case.

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  • Interrogatories for Debt Collection Cases

    During the initial phase of a debt collection lawsuit both sides can interrogate and question the other side to learn more about the particulars of the case. These are written questions that must be answered under oath. A person sued by a debt collector needs to be very careful in answering such interrogatories. Contact a local consumer attorney experienced in defending such debt collection cases.

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