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$21000.00 CACH LLC Lawsuit Dismissed with Prejudice

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Client:  YS

Type of Case:  Defending Against a CACH LLC Debt Collection Lawsuit

Client Review:

I feel very fortunate to have made the decision to go to Mr. Rudnitsky to represent me against CACH LLC. They were suing me for $21000.00. This was very stressful for me and my wife I met with Mr. Rudnitsky and right away we were comforted by his positive attitude. His knowledge and experience were immediately evident in his approach and how he handled the case. The outcome could not be any better. The case was dismissed within a few days after Mr. Rudnitsky took action and responded on my behalf. I know that every case is different, but if you want someone who you know for sure will work for you, I hope you give him a chance to represent you. It is very obvious that he takes on the case as if it was his own problem. I really liked the fact that he is willing to fight in court on your behalf. That he personally takes your case to court himself and does not just send someone in place of him. He and his staff are extremely professional. He is very fair in his charges. He even gave me a refund for more than half the money that I paid him since the case was dismissed right away. You want him on your side. I highly recommend him. He really fights for you. He saved me from bankruptcy. I really appreciate him and his staff. I even got an order that will get CACH to remove the collection from my report, among other things that are favorable to me. It is like the debt never existed, Amazing experience with Mr. Rudnitsky. Thank you for all what you have done for me and my family. All the best wishes to yours, YS.