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9 Worst Cars to Avoid Buying

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A recent news story discussed the 9 new worst cars, based on ratings compiled by Consumer Reports.   The ratings were based on a combination of factors, including safety, road-test scores, projected reliability, and owner satisfaction (or dissatisfaction).  According to the story, those 9 vehicles to avoid are the following, listed by category, along with some of their issues:

  • Subcompact car:  Mitsubishi Mirage (noisy engine, sluggish acceleration, drab interior, shoddy handling)
  • Compact car:  Fiat 500L (underpowered on highway, poor crash test result)
  • Midsize car:  Chrysler 200 (mediocre ride and handling, bumpy transmission, below average reliability)
  • Luxury compact car:  Mercedes Benz CLA250 (harsh ride, noisy and cramped interior)
  • Luxury midsize car:  Lincoln MKS (cramped for its size, lacking true luxury ride, low fuel economy)
  • Family SUV:  Dodge Journey (lackluster acceleration, un-spectacular fuel economy, poor handling, poor reliability)
  • Luxury compact SUV:  Land Rover Discovery Sport (spiky and uneven acceleration, turbo lag, poor reliability)
  • Luxury large SUV:  Cadillac Escalade (stiff ride, braking and handling worse than competitors)
  • Minivan:  Chrysler Town & Country (slow-shifting transmission, poor gas mileage)

Hopefully, this list will help you avoid years of headaches.