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ACS Home Services Successfully Sued

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Our clients had a home warranty with Cross Country that included quarterly routine maintenance on their air conditioning system. Cross Country then selected the air conditioning contractor, ACS Home Services, also known as Accountable Climate Solutions, Inc. for that routine maintenance. ACS Home Services’ representative visited our clients’ home to perform that maintenance.

Even though our clients had never previously had any issues with mold, the contractor claimed that they had a severe mold problem that they needed to fix right away and that they were able to arrange for financing through Synchrony Bank. Our clients were convinced by ACS Home Services that they did not have the time to even obtain a second opinion, and were told to leave the home while he was applying chemicals.

After our clients asked for our help, we conducted our prompt investigation. We determined that ACS Home Services had failed to comply with several consumer protection laws. We also determined that they had charged far more for mold remediation than other companies, but had spent far less time doing the actual work. We also determined that there were many other complaints about ACS Home Services.

We then filed a lawsuit against ACS Home Services (Accountable Climate Solutions, Inc.) for their violations of several Florida laws. A few months later, ACS Home Services agreed to settle the claims: our clients not only recovered every penny they had paid for the work, but their contract with Synchrony was also paid off in full.

We are here to protect Central Florida consumer from unscrupulous companies who try to take advantage of you. If you have a problem with ACS Home Services or any other contractor, you are welcome to call us to find out about your legal rights. You can reach us by calling 386-444-3032 or click here to send us an email.