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Air Conditioning Scams

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Unfortunately, we are hearing about many air conditioning scams. One such scam occurs when a consumer hires a contractor to perform low-cost “routine maintenance” of their air conditioning system, but is then scared or intimidated into buying much more expensive parts or services. All too often, these air conditioning scams take advantage of an elderly person or someone with a medical condition.

Here are some warning signs about potential air conditioning scams:

  • The air conditioning contractor claims there are severe problems when you haven’t had any major problems with the system
  • The air conditioning contractor tries to scare you or pressure you by claiming that repairs need to be done right away
  • There are numerous other complaints from other customers about that air conditioning contractor, and those complaints have not been resolved to the customers’ satisfaction
  • The air conditioning contractor has not been in business very long, or has changed names in a short time period
  • The air conditioning contractor tries to avoid getting a permit from the local building department where such a permit is required or obtains the permit and then fails the inspection

Remember, the harder they try to convince you to buy their additional products or services right away, the more you should beware.  A reputable contractor should never try to prevent you from getting a second opinion.

If you believe you have are the victim of an air conditioning scam or any other scam, or were pressured into signing a contract in your home, contact us at 386-444-3032 to discuss your legal rights as a consumer. Your rights come with certain deadlines, so call us or send us an email right away. We have represented consumers – and only consumers – in the nearly 19 years that we have been practicing law; you won’t see us representing big businesses. We would be honored to discuss your unique facts and circumstances, and how we can potentially help you pursue justice against an unscrupulous contractor.