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Settled Auto Fraud Lawsuit

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Our client went to a dealership looking for a reliable and dependable vehicle. Based on the dealer’s representations, our client purchased a vehicle from them.  Soon after purchasing it, she experienced significant problems with it, including with the engine and brakes.  Later, the dealership repossessed our client’s vehicle, leaving her without either that vehicle or her trade-in vehicle.

Based on our knowledge of the applicable Florida and federal laws relating to car sales, we filed an auto fraud lawsuit against Al’s Used Cars containing numerous claims. After we prevailed at a court hearing, the dealership agreed to settle this case.  As part of the settlement, we were able to able to obtain a full refund of our client’s payments for the vehicle and a full refund of the value her trade-in vehicle, as well as the recovery of additional damages for our client.  We were also able to protect our client’s credit reports relating to the vehicle purchase.

Even if you signed an “As Is” document, we may still be able to help you.  We handle auto fraud cases including rebuilt wrecks, odometer fraud, warranty issues, illegal charges, deceptive practices, fraud, bait-and-switch financing (yo-yo sales), lemon law, auto repossession, and other types of consumer protection cases.