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Most amazing experience ever!

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Client: Nancy Tucker

Type of Case: Debt collection defense, garnishment, return of seized property, vacating judgment

Client Review:

When I finally found Taras after contacting numerous attorneys and receiving no hope for my situation, I had already received a judgment from CACH, LLC, my car had been seized and was going to be sold at auction in 4 days, and there was no way to resolve it except for paying the inflated amount they demanded for an old credit card debt. Taras immediately worked me into his busy schedule for an appointment, started filing papers with the court and contacted all parties involved while I was STILL in his office! Three days later we had a settlement in my favor from the opposing side immediately returning my car, vacating the judgment and everything pertaining to the lawsuit forever, cleaning up my credit, paying all of my attorney fees and other related expenses, and reimbursement to me for damages and fines to them for their illegal conduct. If you want to get something done and work with someone who is extremely honest, knowledgeable and talented, and someone who not only knows all the steps provided by law but is willing to implement those steps as quickly as may be necessary, you will not find a more capable person for the job. And with a partner and spouse like Tina to follow through and follow up, what’s not to love? I can’t say enough good things about these people. Thank you Taras and Tina!!