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Another Satisfied Client of the Rudnitsky Law Firm

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Client:  Craig

Client Review:

A court summons was sent to me from Portfolio Recovery Associates in regards to a debt that I owed. The balance that was due was a lot more than I had remembered. A deep dive into google for a reputable local debt attorney brought me to Taras S. Rudnitsky. After speaking with Taras on our initial call I felt confident that my case would be handled swiftly.  Taras explained his past experience with a variety of cases from clients with different collection agencies. A few days later I was told that the case was dismissed and I would not have to pay a dime to Portfolio. For someone that has not had that much experience dealing with an attorney I was thoroughly pleased with the outcome and the personable way Taras and Tina made me feel as a client. If you are reading this testimonial I would not look any further. I could not recommend a better attorney than Taras.