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Another Satisfied Client of the Rudnitsky Law Firm

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Client:  Chad

Type of Case:  Debt Collection Defense / Abusive Debt Collection (FDCPA)

Client Review:

I was recently sued in small claims court for an amount just under $5000 by a debt collector who had refused to validate their claim of debt. In addition, the plaintiff was unable to produce a signed and verified contract, promissory note, or invoice of goods or services rendered. In exhibits from the initial complaint the alleged statement also showed a balance of $0.00. Initially, I tried to reason with the plaintiff’s attorney at pretrial mediation twice. Each time the plaintiff’s attorney was either unable or unwilling to provide documentation of debt or an affirmation of first hand knowledge the debt was legally owed, despite the fact that I took my checkbook and offered to cut a check the moment they had such documentation that the debt was legally owed.

After, my unsuccessful attempt with dealing with the plaintiff’s attorney I contacted the Rudnitsky Law Firm to obtain legal counsel in this matter. I found that both Taras and Tina to be extremely helpful in dealing with this matter. In fact, after one week of hiring Taras Rudnitsky, the plaintiff agreed to a settlement of covering my lawyer fees, punitive damages to me, having the case dismissed with prejudice, and reporting to the credit agencies that this debt should be deleted from the record.

I highly recommend Taras as he dealt with my lawsuit in an efficient and professional manner. I have dealt with several law firms over the course of my life and have found that the small one on one law firms has so far rendered a favorable outcome every time. In fact, the only law firm I had ever had to fire was a large law firm who seemed to value the quantity of clients over the quality of service rendered.

Bottom line is,  if I ever need help with a civil matter in regards to a debt collecting agency he will be the first one I consult with to hire.