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Bait and Switch Car Financing – Florida Lemon Law Attorneys

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Our client bought a new car.  They told him that the car was his, they applied on his behalf for the car’s tag and registration, and he insured the car as required by Florida law.  However, a few days later, they tried to tell him that the deal had fallen through; they also told him they could get the deal approved if he came back in and signed a new contract at a higher interest rate.  This bait and switch practice is also known by other names:  “yo-yo” deal, spot delivery, bailment, or seller’s right to cancel.  To make matters worse, they did not return his trade-in vehicle that he had used for his down payment.  Eventually, the dealer had the vehicle repossessed at night.

We strongly disagreed with the dealer’s claim that it was legally entitled to cancel the contract, and worked diligently on behalf of our client.  Even without filing a lawsuit, we were able to convince the dealer to not only return the car to our client and honor the initial quoted interest rate, but also to provide a discount to which our client had been entitled but did not receive.  Thus, the settlement resulted in our client receiving the car he had been promised, but with lower monthly payments than originally quoted.