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Auto Complaints Lead List of Top 10 Consumer Complaints

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Auto complaints are the most frequent consumer complaint, for the second year in a row, according to a new report published by the Consumer Federation of America (CFA) just a few days ago.  Many of the complaint they reported were similar to complaints that we receive at the Rudnitsky Law Firm from our clients.  They include misrepresentations about new and used cars, defective cars, faulty repairs, and other issues.  We have handled numerous auto complaints involving auto fraud relating both to the vehicles they sold and to the financing they claim to have arranged.  We also see numerous warranty disputes, odometer fraud, improper charges, failure to disclose rebuilt wrecks and manufacturer buy backs (lemons), car dealer yo-yo’s, wrongful repossessions, and many other deceptive and unfair acts and practices.  We may be able to assist you even if you signed an “As Is” warranty disclaimer form.

Here is a complete list of the top 10 consumer complaints from the CFA report.

  1. Auto complaints
  2. Home Improvement / Construction, including shoddy work, failure to start the job, or failure to complete the job.  We have received many of these complaints lately.
  3. Utilities, including installation and service issues, as well as billing disputes
  4. Retail Sales, including false advertising, defective merchandise, and problems with rebates, coupons and gift cards
  5. Credit / Debit, including billing disputes, fee disputes and illegal or abusive debt collection tactics.  This is another area in which we regularly receive complaints.
  6. Health Products / Services, including misleading claims and medical billing issues
  7. Services, including misrepresentations, faulty work, unlicensed contractors, and failure to perform as promised
  8. Landlord – tenant (tie), including unsafe conditions and failure to perform repairs
    Household goods (tie), including misrepresentations, failure to deliver, and faulty repairs to furniture or applicances
  9. Internet Sales, including misrepresentations and failure to deliver purchases
  10. Home solicitations, including misrepresentations, abusive sales practices and failure to deliver.  This is yet another area where we receive frequent complaints, especially about air conditioning contractors who show up to do inexpensive maintenance, but then claim major repairs are required.

If you have been ripped off by a car dealer, contractor, finance company, or other business here in Central Florida, we may be able to help.  Just click here to send us an email or call us at 386-444-3032 to find out about your consumer rights.