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Auto Fraud Client Recommends Taras Rudnitsky and Rudnitsky Law Firm

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Client: Carnetta

Type of Case:  Auto Fraud / Breach of Warranty

Client Review:

I contacted a couple of attorneys knowledgeable on auto fraud cases. Needless to say they ask for all paper work but never responded back to me. When I came across Rudnitsky Law Firm I was very impressed by his credential……I was overjoyed that he accepted my case. He is not like any other lawyer I have dealt with its more personal for him. Tina and Taras are both detail orientated with around the clock effort with  research etc. on my case “They know the law”. Even when I was busy working or in class  they kept me informed through emails and calls about updates on my case. Any questions I had were answered or they found answers. Rudnitsky Law is the best!! I’m very pleased with my case!! With the time involved, I learned a lot about car dealers and the laws they have to protect them. The purchaser also has laws to protect us from being a victim of auto fraud.