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Auto Fraud Victim Obtains Justice

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Type of Case: Auto Fraud / Rebuilt Wreck / Deceptive Practices

Case Outcome: Client received substantial payment

Our client was in the market for a nice and reliable used car and went to a local car dealership.  The dealership showed him a vehicle on their used car lot.  Our client asked the salesperson whether the car had ever been in an accident.  He was told the car had been in one minor fender-bender that cost only $50 to repair, and that it was reliable and in great condition.  They also made other representations about the car.  When the deal was being completed, the owner of the dealership also told our client that the car was one of the most reliable cars, and was in great condition.  Our client then bought the car from that dealership.

A while later, our client was interested in selling the car, so he took it to get it appraised at a different local dealer.  When that dealership inspected the car for the appraisal, they identified that the car had previously been in a wreck.  In fact, the wreck had been severe enough to cause frame damage, and to require repainting of all four doors, fender, quarter panel, hood and the trunk.  None of this had been disclosed to our client.  He did not know he had been driving a rebuilt wreck.  Not only did this make the car worth significantly less money, but it also created a potential safety risk for our client and his family.  A second appraisal at a different dealership also confirmed it was a rebuilt wreck.  He then realized he was an auto fraud victim.

Our client tried unsuccessfully to work it out with the dealer before retaining us.  Even though the dealer claimed that the car had been sold “as is”, we were able to use our knowledge of Florida laws to bring a lawsuit against both the dealership and against its owner personally.  In addition to the rebuilt wreck damages, we also identified other aspects of the dealer documents that constituted a separate violation of Florida law, including one that affects numerous other customers of that dealership.  Our determination in obtaining justice for our client paid off, as we were able to settle this case even before the first court hearing.  Our client received the full amount of the difference between what he paid for the car and its actual value as a rebuilt wreck.  We were also able to recover the attorney fees and court costs from the Defendants.

We have handled a variety of auto fraud and lemon law cases here in Central Florida.  Even if your paperwork says you bought the car “as is” or without a warranty, we may still be able to help.  Our mission is Helping Florida Consumers.