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Car Dealer Pays for Violating our Client’s Rights

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Our client traveled often and needed a reliable car.   She went to a local dealership that showed her a car that they said would not have any problems and suited her needs.  They even provided her with a written warranty for the car.  Relying on the conversations she had with the dealership employees, and happy to get a warranty on the car, she proceeded to buy the car.  Among the paperwork the dealer required her to sign were other documents claiming the car was sold “as is” and without any warranty.

Shortly after buying the car, our client started experiencing problems with the engine.  Knowing the car was under warranty, she contacted the dealer to inform them of the car failing to start, stalling, and other safety issues she was experiencing with the vehicle.  The dealership tried to fix the vehicle several times, without success.  This left our client without reliable transportation while they attempted to fix it.  The dealer did not offer her a rental car, so she had to find other ways to get to her appointments and destinations.  Also, after each repair, they told our client the car was fixed.  Unfortunately, this was not true.  As a matter of fact, more problems kept on surfacing.

Shortly after being retained, we sued the dealer for violating several consumer protection laws.  During the lawsuit, the Judge agreed with us that the dealership and its owner violated several of those laws.  Shortly after that, the dealer settled the lawsuit.  We were able to get our client out of the deal, and she recovered every dollar she had paid to the dealer.