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Beyond Pleased!

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Rudnitsky Law Firm is an outstanding law firm. I was recommended to the firm after multiple attorneys in my area were unable to help me with my problem. I even called the State Attorney and assistance programs and no help. Taras and Tina of Rudnitsky Law Firm are there whenever you need them. They are very thorough and not once did I feel as if I was being talked down to or deceived. I was very happy that they accepted my case. I had a complicated case with a repair shop damaging my vehicle and agreeing to repair the damage and then deciding they would no longer repair it after they messed up even more. The Rudnitsky Law Firm got the result that I deserved and I am extremely satisfied and thankful for the help that they provided. I would absolutely recommend Rudnitsky Law Firm to any person that has a consumer issue!


Type of Case:  car repair involving a repair shop chain and a car dealership