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California Attorney General Sues Chase for Unlawful Debt Collection

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Just a few days ago, the California Attorney General announced the filing of a lawsuit against Chase Bank USA, N.A. and two related companies for fraudulent and unlawful debt collection practices.  The lawsuit alleges that Chase Bank filed a staggering 100,000 debt collection lawsuits in California alone between January 2008 and April 2011.  On a peak day, Chase Bank filed more than 450 lawsuits in a single day.  The lawsuit alleges that, in order to keep up with this pace of lawsuits, Chase Bank cut corners in its debt collection lawsuits in illegal ways, including:

  • Robo-signing:  signing affidavits and court documents without having first reviewing them properly to ensure they were accurate
  • Sewer service:  failing to properly serve consumers with lawsuit paperwork, while falsely telling the Courts that the consumers were properly served
  • Filing irregularities:  including the revealing of consumers’ personal information that could expose them to identity theft, filing false affidavits that are not based on personal knowledge, and failing to determine whether a consumer is in the military service and therefore entitled to additional protections under the law

According to the lawsuit, this is not limited to lawsuits brought by Chase, but also by debt buyers to whom Chase has sold their accounts.  You can click here for more information about the lawsuit filed against Chase Bank, including a copy of the actual complaint filed in court.

In Florida, we have recently seen many lawsuits filed by Midland Funding LLC who claims to have bought the account from Chase Bank or an affiliate.  You may have several defenses against such lawsuits filed by Midland Funding LLC and by any other debt buyer who bought the account from Chase Bank or its affiliates.  Call us today for a free consultation about how we can help you protect your rights, or simply click here to submit an online contact form.