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Car Dealer Lawsuit Results in Good Settlement for Our Client

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Our client went to a local car dealer, looking to buy a vehicle that would be able to pull a trailer on a long-distance trip across the country.  Based on the dealer’s statements and a 30-day written warranty, our client purchased the vehicle from the dealer.  While driving across the country, our client experienced severe engine problems with the car.  The dealer refused to honor the warranty they had provided to our client.  Needing to get home and getting nowhere with the dealer, our client was forced to purchase another vehicle to return from the cross-country trip.

When our law firm was retained, we worked promptly to pursue justice for our client.  When the dealer refused to accept responsibility, we sued the car dealer.  Not long after our car dealer lawsuit, the dealer agreed to a settlement that included the return of the vehicle and giving our client a full refund of her purchase price and her expenses.

When a car dealer refuses to do the right thing, it does not necessarily mean that you are stuck without options.  You may be able to file a car dealer lawsuit to protect your rights and obtain a refund.