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Car Dealer Settles Auto Fraud Claims

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Shortly after purchasing a used car, our client experienced several significant problems with it.  Despite our client’s attempts to resolve this with the dealer, the car was repossessed, and our client did not receive a refund of any of the money he had already paid on the car.  This is typical when there is a serious question regarding auto fraud.

Our client then hired us.  After we conducted our investigation, we found numerous legal claims against the dealer, including not only for the significant defects, but also other types of auto fraud relating to the financing and the repossession.  We documented our legal analysis for the car dealer and its lawyer.  After reviewing our auto fraud claims, the dealer agreed to refund all the money our client had paid, and to pay additional damages to our client.  We obtained justice for our client even before filing a lawsuit.

If you have been a victim of wrongful repossession, odometer tampering, financing fraud, defective vehicle, auto fraud, or any other problems with a dealership, contact us to find out about your rights.  We have been involved in hundreds of car cases and fight for your rights.  We will keep you informed every step of the way throughout your case.  As a former automotive engineer and now a consumer protection lawyer, Taras has sued many of the major car manufacturers and many car dealerships on behalf of our clients.