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Car Dealership Liable in Auto Fraud Lawsuit

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Our client was looking for a reliable and dependable car for her family.  Even though she asked numerous questions before buying the car, she later discovered the car she bought was not what it had been represented to be, and was far from dependable.  After several unsuccessful attempts to have the problems fixed, she contacted the Rudnitsky Law Firm for assistance.

After being retained, we discovered several claims against the dealership that our client was not aware of, and filed an auto fraud lawsuit.  We were very pleased to obtain the justice that our client deserved from the car dealership:  she received a full refund of what she had paid plus additional money as damages, and she no longer had to make any payments on the car contract.

We will be happy to discuss your potential case. As a former automotive engineer, Taras knows what to look for when analyzing your car and the documents for the sale of the car and its financing. You will be working directly with Mr. Rudnitsky and his wife and office manager, Tina.