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Cash 4 Clunkers – Potential for Fraud?

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We have had several calls from consumers with concerns about how dealers were handling the Cash For Clunkers (Cash 4 Clunkers or C4C) program.  One type of issue is when the dealer promised and provided a set rebate amount, but then contacts the customer and says they need to “redo” the deal because the rebate fell through.  Sometimes they say the traded-in car didn’t qualify after all.  Sometimes they say the consumer did something to make the traded-in car ineligible.  Then, the dealer typically either demands the new car be returned or that the customer come up the extra $3500 to $4500 difference in cost right away.

Just because a dealer says you have no choice but to follow their instructions doesn’t mean that is legally correct.  You have legal rights, and should not be intimidated by the dealer.  We offer a free initial consultation, and would be happy to discuss your situation with you.