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Lemon Law / Car Problems

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Taras applies his experience as a consumer protection attorney and former automotive engineer in pursuing justice for Florida consumers victimized by car dealers. We have experience in various types of car-related issues faced by consumers, including lemon law, car dealer fraud, defective cars, car financing issues, yo-yo sales, bait-and-switch tactics, spot delivery / bailment, illegal charges, odometer fraud / odometer rollback, warranty issues, salvage or rebuilt vehicles and titles, rebuilt wrecks, wrongful repossessions, improper or unauthorized repairs, and numerous other kinds of deceptive and unfair practices. Listed below are articles relating to those ripped off by car dealers, auto fraud victims, lemon law and similar issues.

  • Lemon Law Arbitration

    If you have a lemon under Florida’s lemon law, and you have provided the notices required by that law, you may well be entitled to a hearing on your claim. There are generally three members of the Florida new Motor Vehicle Arbitration Board who will hear your dispute, with a decision requiring a majority vote.

  • Florida Lemon Law

    To qualify as a lemon under the Florida Lemon Law, your car must meet several legal requirements. This article summarizes many of the most important provisions of the Florida Lemon Law, which is formally known as Florida’s Motor Vehicle Warrant Enforcement Act. The Florida lemon law applies only to new vehicles, and not used vehicles.

  • Cash For Clunkers Tax Deduction Rumors

    If you have heard about tax deduction schemes related to cash for clunkers, it is probably worth checking the offer out with one of the Florida Lemon Law Attorneys. Such cases of auto frauds are not uncommon today. Learn how Rudnitsky Law Firm can help you in such situations and get you out of the trouble you fall into.

  • Odometer Rollback Case

    Odometer Rollback cases are as common today as they were in the past. Automobile dealers may reset the mileage reading and request a higher price for the cars they sell. Florida Lemon Law and Auto Fraud Lawyers from Rudnitsky Law Firm were successful in taking care of a case for their client where an odometer rollback case was involved.

  • Cash 4 Clunkers – Potential for Fraud?

    Dealing with a Florida Lemon Law attorney can help you sort out your issues with Cash 4 Clunkers cases. Such auto fraud cases are quite common these days, which is why it becomes important to learn how to tackle such issues in the best possible way. Get a Florida Lemon Law attorney to help you out with your particular case.

  • Examples of Auto Fraud Cases

    How do you understand if you have been involved in an auto fraud case? There are a number of different types of auto fraud cases that you may get involved with. Learn how to ensure that your car dealer is not offering you something that will eventually turn into a case of auto fraud. Get to know when you need to contact a Florida car fraud lawyer.