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At the Rudnitsky Law Firm, we are dedicated to helping Florida consumers. The articles on this page provide general news and information about our firm and about recent developments and resources relating to consumer rights and consumer protection law. Also, please feel free to review additional articles on our other pages, including those relating to Car Problems, Defendant Debt Collection Lawsuits, Debt Collector Harassment, and our Other Practice Areas, as well as our prior Cases and Client Reviews.

  • Debt Buyers Abusing the Legal System

    Debt buyers are companies who buy debt from other companies who were unable, unwilling or prohibited from collecting those debts from consumers. Debt collectors obtain billions of dollars in judgments, sometimes using questionable or even illegal tactics. If you have been sued by a debt collector, contact a Florida consumer lawyer or a debt collection attorney before you are deprived of your rights.

  • Losing Your Rights in Arbitration

    Arbitration is a process where the parties avoid going to court by using a private process to resolve disputes that would otherwise normally end up in court. Arbitration is a private process, with lots of secrecy and without many of the most important rights you would have in court. It is important to put legislation in place to prevent companies from forcing you into arbitration with the help of a Florida debt collection attorney.

  • Investigation by Federal Trade Commission

    The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has announced that it is investigating debt collectors and debt buyers. The documents requested by the FTC will reveal how much the debt buyers paid for the debts they bought. If you have been involved in a Florida credit card lawsuit, get in touch with Rudnitsky Law Firm for help with your particular case.

  • Chrysler – Lake Mary Schools Case

    This case of trademark and copyright laws involves Chrysler and Lake Mary Schools where Chrysler Lawyers claimed that their logo had been misused as the mascot for the schools in question. This Ram Logo lawsuit finally ended up in favor of the Lake Mary Schools due to a couple of very genuine reasons. This is a classic example of a trademark related lawsuit.

  • Credit Card Laws and Regulations

    As part of the effort to help consumers gouged by credit card companies, more changes to credit card rules were proposed by the Federal Reserve Board on September 29, 2009. There are a number of ways in which consumer protection cases arise against credit card companies. Rudnitsky Law Firm consumer protection attorneys are very well versed with the Credit Card Act.

  • Telemarketing Robocalls Ban

    Federal Trade Commission announced changes to its rules relating to telemarketing, some of those changes took effect on September 1, 2009. However, certain businesses are beyond the jurisdiction of the Federal Trade Commission. Rudnitsky Law Firm aims at helping Florida Consumers against phone harassment and telemarketing robocalls.

  • Top 10 List of Consumer Complaints

    The National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG) published their list of the top 10 complaints received from consumers by the offices of the Attorney General of the 50 states. The top 3 on the list were debt collection, auto sales and home repair/construction. But credit card disputes and mortgage issues rose into the top 10. Learn more from the Florida Consumer Lawyers and Attorneys.

  • Recent Changes to Credit Card Laws

    The Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure Act, had several provisions that took effect in August 2009. Under the new law, the credit card companies are not required to give you any advance notice before lowering your credit limit or even closing your account altogether. Learn more about these credit card law changes from Rudnitsky Law Firm.

  • Consumer Protection – Experienced Attorney, New Blog

    Welcome to the Florida Consumer Law, Lemon Law, Credit Card Lawsuit and Debt Collection Attorney Blog. This blog is about helping Florida consumers and the residents of Seminole County, Volusia County, Orange County and Lake County with useful articles and information related to consumer laws and related cases.