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Chrysler – Lake Mary Schools Case

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According to a news report, Chrysler’s lawyers have sent a threatening letter to the Seminole County Schools.  Chrysler, who owns the Dodge brand, claims that the logo of the Ram mascot for Lake Mary High School violates its trademark, and thus breaks the law.

The fact that Lake Mary High School should never be confused with a Chrysler vehicle apparently is not enough.  Neither is the fact that Lake Mary has partnered with at least one Chrysler dealer, who did not object to the use of the Ram logo.  Neither is the fact that Chrysler, who emerged from bankruptcy in 2009, is now owned in part by we-the-taxpayers.  If it wasn’t for government support, funded by our taxes, Chrysler would probably have been liquidated in bankruptcy and would not exist any more.  It seems that Chrysler should have more serious things to worry about than whether a local Central Florida school like Lake Mary has a logo similar to that of Chrysler’s Dodge Ram.