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Client Review for Credit Card Debt Collection Lawsuit

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Client:  James

Type of Case:  Credit Card / Debt Collection Lawsuit Defense

Client Review

Let’s just get straight to the point…Mr. Taras Rudnitsky is the man you want on your side! From the first time I spoke to both Taras and Tina Rudnitsky on the phone, I knew this was the law firm I needed on a debt collection case. After meeting with Taras, all the fear and stress I had in me from the lawsuit was gone. His calm and friendly demeanor was intoxicating. I actually walked out of his office in a state of relaxation due to the fact that I had so much confidence in this man. I was kept informed of what was taking place by phone and email. It took only one week for Taras to turn the lawsuit completely into my favor and dismissed by the plaintiff. I would never hesitate to recommend the Rudnitsky Law Firm, it is the first and only phone call to make. In the short time I was with them, I came away with the impression of truly honest and fine people that took my best interest as thier highest priority. All you have to do is look at this gentleman’s AVVO rating and all the endorsements by his peers to know that I am not exagerating. Thank you sincerely Taras and Tina.