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Client Turns the Tables on Portfolio Recovery Associates

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Plaintiff: Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC

Plaintiff’s Law Firm: Hayt, Hayt & Landau, P.L.

Plaintiff’s Attorneys: Dana M. Stern, Esq. and Jason S. Dragutsky, Esq.

Case Outcome: Case against Client dismissed, and Client received additional money

After speaking with other attorneys, our client contacted us for a free consultation. After consumer attorney Taras Rudnitsky reviewed the documents, he was able to use his experience in defending debt collection cases to identify and file a counterclaim against Portfolio Recovery Associates. The counterclaim meant that our client was suing Portfolio Recovery Associates for their violation of state and federal debt collection laws. The case settled before any court hearings, with Portfolio Recovery Associates agreeing to dismiss their lawsuit against our client, and to pay our client money for their violation of the debt collection laws. In addition, our client received a full refund of her attorney fees. Needless to say, our client was very happy with the outcome of the case.

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