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Client Wins Full Refund From Car Dealer

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After seeing an advertisement for a vehicle that was advertised as “runs and drives great”, our client went to look at it at the dealership.  Our client identified some problems, which the car dealer promised to fix.  The car dealer was then asked if there was anything else wrong with the vehicle and they said there was not.  Shortly after buying the vehicle, our client was driving at night and noticed a faint light in the instrument cluster.  The car was then taken to an independent mechanic who pointed out how the instrument cluster had been tampered with to try to hide the warning light.  Our client also discovered that there were two open safety recalls on the vehicle.  In fact, one of those important safety recalls could not be fixed, because the manufacturer did not have any replacement parts available to fix it.  After not being able to resolve the problems with the car dealer, our client retained us.  After we identified numerous legal claims, we were able to resolve our client’s case even before filing a lawsuit.  Our client was able to return the vehicle and get a full refund of all payments, with the car dealer also paying off our client’s entire loan.