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Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Now Accepting Consumer Complaints

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The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau CFPB) is now accepting complaints from consumers as part of their effort to monitor and improve consumer protection throughout the United States.  Complaints in the following areas are now being accepted:

  • Bank Accounts / Bank Services
  • Credit Cards
  • Credit Reporting
  • Money Transfers
  • Mortgages
  • Student Loans
  • Vehicle or Consumer Loans

Your complaint can be submitted online by clicking here and following the link to the CFPB complaint page.

I strongly encourage consumers who feel they have a complaint about a financial product or service to submit a complaint.  Your complaint can potentially help you and help other consumers as well.  If the complaint helps motivate the business who did something wrong to fix your issue, it will be helpful to you.  It will also be helpful to other consumers in two ways.  First, it may help determine whether the same thing is happening to others, and is part of a larger pattern and practice of the business.  Second, the CFPB has the power to issue regulations in a number of areas involving consumer finance, and it uses consumer complaints as one way of helping determine whether and to what extent additional rules are required.

Speaking up is one of the most important ways for any consumer to seek justice.  If your issue occurs here in Central Florida (Seminole County, Orange County, Volusia County, Lake County, Brevard County or Flagler County), you are also welcome to call us at 386-444-3032 or click here to send us an email.  Our initial consultation is always free, and we would be honored to pursue justice on your behalf.