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Illegal Price Hike by Home Contractor

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Our client signed a contract with a home contractor for improvements to her yard and landscaping. That contract spelled out exactly what work was to be done, and what the price was going to be.

During the middle of the job, the contractor suddenly decided he needed more materials than anticipated in order to finish the job. He then finished the job, and told our client that she needed to pay the difference. He tried to say the initial contract was only an “estimate”, and insisted he was entitled to the higher price. When our client insisted on paying the contract price, the contractor sued her in small claims court. The client asked us to represent her in this lawsuit.

We not only defended the lawsuit, but sued the contractor for misrepresentation, fraud, and unfair and deceptive practices. We were able to successfully defend her, and won her lawsuit against the contractor.

If you have a contract, don’t let an unscrupulous contractor try to intimidate you and take away your legal rights. You have a right to enforce your binding contracts, and not to let them change on the whim of the other person.