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Hope for the hopeless

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I purchased a used car from a dealer in Orlando that I found on Craigslist. The experience immediately went south, less than 10 miles away from the dealership, the steering wheel locked up and the brakes went out. Then the engine died and the car stopped at a light. I called the dealer and was ignored for some time. I kept calling while I was at the light and finally someone claiming to be the mechanic answered and told me the dealer was unavailable. I told them the situation and was told that I would have to pay to have it towed back to the shop and they would give me a quote for repairs because I signed an As Is warranty. I broke down in this dead car. I had no money, I just paid cash for this car. While waiting for help, I called every lawyer on Google and everyone told me the dealer was right and I had no level options.
I had to save for another car to get to work and was advised by the finance department at another dealership that I should speak with a consumer protection lawyer. So I googled local consumer protection attorney. After checking a few, I came across Mr. Rudnitsky. There was a testimonial on his website that felt very similar to mine. I called and spoke with Mrs. Rudnitsky and told her about the situation. She was very attentive and interested in the details. She asked for me to send in all the paperwork from the transaction and said they would be in touch.
Not too long after I received a phone call to schedule an in office meeting. When I arrived for the meeting both Mr. and Mrs. Rudnitsky were present and taking notes. Me. Rudnitsky was very up front and honest about possible outcomes and the length of time I could take for this case to come to a conclusion. He was also very interested in the details, no matter how small. I felt like he was willing to sit there in this meeting for hours if that’s what it took to get all the information he needed to fight for me. At the end of the meeting, Mr. Rudnitsky told me not to worry because he was going to handle it and I have to say that was the last time I worried about the car, the dealership and the money I gave them. When he told me he would handle it, I had complete confidence that he would, which is a big deal because I don’t trust easy.
After I left the office, Mr. and Mrs. Rudnitsky kept me update on everything, sending out letters, requesting documents. Any communication that was had with the opposing side I was notified about. No decision was made without speaking with about and presenting all my options.
I had given up and felt like this individual robbed me and would never have to deal with the consequences. I felt lost and confused. Mr. Taras Rudnitsky fought for me, when I wasn’t sure fighting was worth it. He is amazing! He is honest! And he is trustworthy! All traits that I never expected to find but meant a lot to me that my attorney possessed. While it is never the goal to need an attorney, if the need ever presents itself again, Mr. Rudnitsky will be my first and only call!