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Court Forces Mid-Atlantic Finance Company to Honor Its Promises to Our Client

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Our client had purchased a vehicle from a small used car dealer, who then assigned the financing contract to Mid-Atlantic Finance Company.  When she was nearly finished making her payments, Mid-Atlantic Finance Company sent her a settlement offer telling her that if she agreed to pay a reduced amount earlier, her account would be considered paid in full, and she would receive the title free and clear of any liens.  Our client promptly informed Mid-Atlantic Finance Company that she accepted the settlement offer, and sent in the required payments according to their agree-upon schedule.  However, Mid-Atlantic Finance Company did not keep up their end of the bargain: they insisted that she pay more money to them, and refused to provide her the title to the car.  After our client retained us, we contacted Mid-Atlantic Finance Company to try to resolve this.  However, they refused to correct their mistake and we filed a lawsuit against Mid-Atlantic Finance Company, asserting claims for fraud, misrepresentation, breach of the settlement agreement, and violation of Florida’s debt collection law.  Even though Mid-Atlantic Finance Company used several lawyers in this case to aggressively litigate it, we were able to win the case before trial.  After listening to our evidence, the Court ruled that Mid-Atlantic Finance Company broke several laws, and forced it to provide the vehicle’s clean title to our client and mark her account as paid in full.  The Court also ruled that there was sufficient evidence to support an award of punitive damages.  Following those rulings, Mid-Atlantic Finance Company agreed to pay damages to our client and to remove its account from our client’s credit report.

We have seen numerous car dealers, finance companies, home improvement contractors, debt collectors and other businesses refuse to honor their promises.  If you have been victimized by a company’s refusal to keep its promises, contact us today for a free consultation.  We are familiar with many consumer protection laws which can help you and allow you to seek the justice you deserve.  Helping Florida Consumers is not only our website, it’s what we do:  we only represent consumers and not businesses.