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Credit Card Lawsuit: How to Protect Your Rights in Florida

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Many people search the internet for answers on what to do when they are first sued on a credit card debt.  Unfortunately, a significant amount of the information out there is outdated, from another state with laws that are different than those here in Florida, or simply wrong.  Relying on that information can cause you to lose your lawsuit, and maybe even get you sanctioned by the Court.  When your hard-earned savings, property and wages are at risk, you should not rely on the advice on the internet.

Other people sued for a credit card debt will pick up the phone and call the law firm suing them in an attempt to explain their situation or try to work out a payment plan.  They may not realize that the job of the debt collection lawyer is to maximize the amount of money they can get from a consumer.  Often, they will agree to a deal only to realize the consequences when one of their payments is late or a few dollars short: some of the deals have provisions that allow the credit card company to automatically get a judgment entered against you.  Some even have provisions waiving some of your rights to protect your money from seizure to satisfy the judgment.

Still others take the approach that if they ignore the lawsuit, the debt collector will just go away.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen.  Instead, the debt collector obtains a default judgment, which means you automatically lose because you didn’t properly respond to the lawsuit.  Often, these consumers don’t realize the consequences until their bank account has been cleared, their paycheck is garnished, or their car gets seized and auctioned.

Don’t let any of these things happen to you.

We know this is a very stressful time for you and your entire family.  Rather than relying on highly questionable information on the internet, contact us instead.  This way, you can get a free consultation from an experienced debt collection defense lawyer based on your unique facts and the specific lawsuit filed against you.  When you retain us, we will analyze the claims listed in the credit card lawsuit, investigate potential affirmative defenses, and suggest an approach personally tailored to your facts and circumstances.  Sometimes our review of the documents has revealed a counterclaim, meaning that you can sue the debt collector for their misconduct.  It is important to call us BEFORE you sign the stipulation or settlement agreement, so that we can advise you of your rights and responsibilities before it’s too late.

If you have questions about our service, please feel free to visit our Client Reviews page to see what actual clients have said about us.  We are proud that our clients have given us a 10-out-of-10 rating on Avvo, based on their personal experiences with us.  We are even more proud that we have helped people rebuild their lives, often when they never thought it would be possible. 

When you retain our firm to represent you in your credit card lawsuit, we will meet with you in person to review your documents, discuss your legal options, and help you choose the best legal strategy for your specific situation.  We know what to look for when you get sued, and how to use the Florida laws, as well as the court rules and rules of evidence, to enforce your rights.

If you are tired of the stress of trying to defend your credit card lawsuit alone, call us.  Don’t wait until you sign something or admit something you shouldn’t have.  Don’t wait until they freeze your bank accounts or garnish your wages.  Just give us a call to receive your free consultation, including in the evenings and on the weekends.  Or, we are just a click away: contact us through this website, and we will be happy to call you.