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Debt Collection Lawsuit Defense Client Grateful for Lawsuit Victory

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Client: Linda

Type of Case: Debt Collection Lawsuit Defense

Client Review:

I met with Taras and Tina about two weeks ago to discuss a lawsuit that was brought against me by Cavalry SPV I, LLC.  Taras and Tina are very down to earth and were very kind to me.  They could tell that I was super stressed about the whole situation.  Taras is very knowledgeable,  he explained in depth what his plan of action would be.  I retained him and that very same day he filed documents with the court.  After retaining Taras, I felt so empowered.  About 10 days later, the collection company called Taras to have a Settlement Agreement and Release written up.  Cavalry SPV I, LLC agreed that they would drop their lawsuit rather than try and  prove that their allegations against me were true.  They signed Taras’s Settlement Agreement and Release document which stated that they would never try to sue me again, they will contact all credit reporting and credit rating agencies and direct them to delete their negative information on my reports if I would agree not to sue them.  I was simply amazed that Taras accomplished this settlement in such a short period of time.  He did not allow the situation to drag out.  I am so very grateful to Taras and Tina, a huge weight has been lifted from my chest.  If you ever need a lawyer, The Rudnitsky Law Firm is the place to go.