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Debt Collection Lawsuit: Dismissal of Equable Ascent Financial Claims

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Plaintiff: Equable Ascent Financial LLC

Original Creditor: Chase Bank U.S.A, N.A. / WAMU

Plaintiff’s Attorneys: Dana Stern and Jason Dragutsky

Plaintiff’s Law Firm: Hayt, Hayt & Landau in Miami, FL

Case Outcome: Case dismissed – client pays nothing

The Law Firm of Hayt, Hayt & Landau in Miami represented Equable Ascent Financial LLC in a credit card lawsuit against our client.  Hayt, Hayt & Landau sued under account stated.  After we notified them that we represented our client in this action, they promptly filed a Voluntary Dismissal with Prejudice, meaning he cannot be sued on this account ever again.

We have defended debt collection lawsuits filed by numerous debt collectors, including A&A North American Financial, American Express, Arrow Financial Services, Asset Acceptance LLC, CACH LLC, Capital One, Cavalry Portfolio Services, Chase Bank USA, Chrysler Credit Corporation, Citibank, Discover Bank, Equable Ascent Financial, FIA Card Services, HFC Collection Center, HSBC Bank, Hudson & Keyse, JGB Portfolio Services, JP Morgan Chase, LVNV Funding, Mainstreet Acquisition Corporation, Merrill Lynch, Midland Funding, Palisades Collection, Portfolio Recovery Associates, Precision Recovery Analytics, Razor Capital, Target National Bank, Unifund, Unifund CCR, Washington Mutual (WaMu) and Wells Fargo.