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Debt Collection Lawsuit: Prevailing Against Discover Bank

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Plaintiff: Discover Bank

Plaintiff’s Law Firm: Zakheim & LaVrar, P.A.

Plaintiff’s Attorneys: Flynn LaVrar, Esq. and Richard Battaglino, Esq..

Case Outcome: Debt Collection Lawsuit Dismissed

Our client was sued in a debt collection lawsuit by an original creditor – Discover Bank – and contacted us for representation.  The Rudnitsky Law Firm has handled several cases against Discover Bank and has defended several debt collection lawsuits against the debt collection law firm of Zakheim and LaVrar.  We were pleased to inform our client that the lawsuit against her was dismissed even before the first court hearing.

If a debt collection lawsuit has been filed against you, we would be happy to review your case and answer any questions you may have.  We have successfully represented consumers in debt collection lawsuits filed by most of the large debt collection law firms in the State of Florida, including cases involving both original creditors and debt buyers.  We would be honored to add you to our list of satisfied clients.  When you are sued by a debt collector, contact us right away to make sure you don’t lose any of your legal rights.  We also sue car dealers and car companies for auto fraud, lemon law, defective products, and also represent consumers in other types of consumer protection cases: you can click here for a list of the types of cases we handle.