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Debt Collection Trial Against CACH, LLC and Law Offices of Harold Scherr

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Attorneys Harold E. Scherr and Alex McClure from the Law Offices of Harold E. Scherr, P.A. in Lake Mary, Florida represented CACH, LLC in a lawsuit filed against our client.  The debt collection lawyers for CACH (owned by Square 2 Financial) sued our client under Breach of Contract, Account Stated, Unjust Enrichment and Open Account.  After serving Interrogatories, Requests for Admission and Requests for Production and filing various Motions, a trial date was set.  At trial, Harold Scherr’s offices brought in debt collection attorney Karla Ayer.  During trial, we made numerous objections to the testimony of CACH’s witness and its documents, as well as documents from the original creditor, Bank of America.  We also submitted extensive briefs / memoranda of law pointing out why our client was clearly entitled to win.  We won at trial and a Final Judgment was entered in favor of our client: CACH and the Law Offices of Harold Scherr did not recover a penny from our client.

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