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Debt Settlement Companies Penalized for Illegal Tactics

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Just a few days ago, the federal government’s Consumer Financial Protection Bureau announced that it was taking enforcement action against several debt several settlement companies.  The debt settlement company was Premier Consulting Group LLC, who was fined nearly $70,000 for charging illegal upfront fees to consumers, including for services they never received.  This action followed lawsuits previously filed by the government agency against Premier Consulting Group LLC, Mission Settlement Agency, the Law Office of Michael Lupolover, and related companies.  Although they were based in New Jersey, they had customers in multiple other states.

Charging consumers up-front is an illegal tactic which has been used by numerous so-called debt settlement companies.  Failing to provide effective debt settlement services can also be illegal.  Just last month, the owner of Mission Settlement was sentenced to 9 years in prison for his role in these illegal practices.  The fine that was imposed was calculated as the amount the companies deprived consumers who did not have any debt settled by those companies.

Some of our clients come to us after being sued in a debt collection lawsuit on a debt that was supposed to be settled by a debt settlement company.  In each of those cases, the debt settlement company marketed themselves as being able to resolve the consumers’ problems with their debt.  Instead, they charged consumers a lot of money without delivering any significant results.  In fact, their tactics are what led to them being sued in the first place.

If you have tried working with a debt settlement company (including debt settlement lawyers), and have not received the promised results, or have been sued in a debt collection lawsuit, call us for a free consultation about your rights.  We do not act as a debt settlement company, but zealously enforce your rights as a consumer in court.  You can visit our Cases page to see the results of our work on behalf of Central Florida’s consumers.  you can also visit our Client Reviews page to see the feedback provided by our clients.  We helped them, and we can help you too!  Contact us today.