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Defeating Auto Deficiency Lawsuit

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Plaintiff:  Merrill Lynch / Merrill Lynch Bank, USA

Plaintiff’s Law Firm:  Pollack & Rosen, P.A.

Plaintiff’s Attorneys:  Joseph Harrison and Joel Lucoff

Plaintiff sued under:  Breach of Retail Installment Sale Contract

Case Outcome:  Case Dismissed Without Client Paying Anything

Client Problem:  Our client was sued by Merrill Lynch.  The Law Firm of Pollack and Rosen, P.A. from Coral Gables, Florida and attorneys Joseph Harrison and Joel Lucoff represented Merrill Lynch.  They sued for an automobile repo deficiency.

Outcome for Client:  After retaining us, we put our knowledge of the law in the areas of debt collection, auto repossession, and deficiency judgments to use to defend the case.  We filed our answer and affirmative defenses, as well as various notices and motions.  We were successful in winning the case at a court hearing before trial.

Contact us if you have been sued and need an experienced Seminole County consumer lawyer to defend your debt collection case or auto deficiency case after a repo.  Don’t be victimized by any unfair or deceptive practice by a car dealership, such as odometer fraud, car sales fraud, spot delivery / yo-yo / bait and switch financing, undisclosed rebuilt wrecks, financing fraud, or a refusal to honor warranty.  These laws also apply to motorcycle dealers, truck dealers, scooter / trike dealers, and RV dealers, as well as car dealers.  We would be honored to represent you.