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Defeating Debt Collection Lawsuit by LVNV Funding

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Plaintiff:  LVNV Funding LLC

Original Creditor:  Citibank

Plaintiff’s Attorneys:  Jeffrey Kahn

Plaintiff’s Law Firm:  Wagner, Hunt & Kahn, P.A.

Case Outcome:  Case dismissed without our client paying anything

Our client was sued by the law firm of Wagner, Hunt and Kahn, P.A. on behalf of LVNV Funding for claims of Account Stated, Open Account, Money Lent and Quantum Meruit.  While the original creditor for the credit card was Citibank, LVNV Funding claimed to have purchased the account and sued our client.  We served discovery including Interrogatories, Requests for Production and Requests for Admission on LVNV Funding.  We also successfully defended a motion filed by their lawyers.  Our client did not pay anything to Citibank, LVNV Funding, or their attorneys as a result of this lawsuit, which they dismissed.

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