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Defective Scooter Lawsuit Results in Justice for Client

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Soon after our client purchased a brand new scooter, it stopped working correctly. Although the dealer claimed it fixed the problem, the scooter failed again and was unusable. Despite this, the dealer refused to take responsibility for the defective scooter. Our client contacted us and we promptly began working on her behalf. We filed a lawsuit against the dealer for the defective scooter, and other violations of other consumer protection laws. Shortly after being served with our lawsuit, the dealership agreed to settle the lawsuit, and return to our client every dollar she had paid for the defective scooter and its accessories.  We also recovered additional damages for our client, based on the dealer’s conduct.

If you experienced a problem with a new or used product you purchased, contact us. We have handled scooter cases, motorcycle cases, car cases, and truck cases. As a former automotive engineer, Taras is familiar with many defects found in motor vehicles, and the many scams and rip-offs attempted by some dealers. These scams often involve the purchase paperwork and the financing. You will be kept informed every step of the way when we represent you. You will deal with the attorney directly and your questions will be answered, even in the evening and on the weekends. And there is no charge for our initial consultation. So, if you have questions about the way you were treated by the dealer or about the way your product is working, don’t hesitate to contact us today.