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Florida Regulators of Debt Collectors: Asleep at the Switch

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It’s no surprise that Florida debt collectors are having a field day in this economy.  We often hear stories about how those debt collectors harass and abuse consumers throughout Central Florida.  Consumers have a right to expect that their government will protect them from debt collectors who refuse to follow the law.  However, a recent article in the Orlando Sentinel pointed out how Florida’s regulators of debt collectors are failing to protect Florida consumers.  The key points of the article are almost too incredible to believe:

Last year, the Federal Trade Commission received more than 11,000 complaints from Floridians about debt collectors.  Based in part on those overwhelming complaints, a new law regulating debt collectors took effect last October.  Since then, the Florida Office of Financial Regulations has received more than 400 complaints about debt collectors.  Yet, incredibly, that Office has not punished or fined a single debt collector!

It has only “taken administrative action” against one debt collection company, but has not even imposed any penalty yet.  Rather than imposing an appropriate punishment, the Florida agency is apparently negotiating with the debt collector over what the punishment should be.

When your government won’t protect you, you need a consumer protection attorney to pursue debt collectors who violate the law.  If you find yourself being harassed or abused by a debt collector here in Central Florida, please email us or call us at 407-333-0001 for a free consultation regarding your legal rights.