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Ford Motor Credit Company Repo Deficiency Lawsuit Dismissed

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Plaintiff: Ford Motor Credit Company LLC

Type of Case: Repo Deficiency, Contract and Auto Fraud

Plaintiff’s Attorney: William A. Ingraham, Jr., Esq. and Mark A. Ingraham, Esq.

Plaintiff’s law firm: Law Offices of William A. Ingraham, Jr. & Associates, P.A.

Case Outcome: Case Dismissed

Our client contacted us after being sued by Ford Motor Credit Company LLC.  Ford Motor Credit Company sued our client after they had repossessed his car, and were seeking a deficiency judgment.  A repo deficiency lawsuit is where the auto finance company sues you because the value of the car they repossessed and auctioned off is not enough to pay the remainder due on the auto loan.  In this case, Ford Motor Credit Company also tried to make our client pay their company’s attorney fees and court costs.

After our free consultation, we met with the client and explained the numerous defenses that were available to him.  We investigated the facts relating to the car and the repossession, reviewed the relevant documents, and explained to our client all the options that were available to him. 

We then filed our answer and affirmative defenses, as well as our interrogatories, requests for the production of documents, and requests for admission.  These documents, which are part of the process of “discovery”, can be critical in helping develop defenses to a debt collector’s lawsuit.  For those persons who represent themselves in court, the rules of discovery can be intimidating, and can even allow the other side to win their case.

Throughout the discovery process in this lawsuit, we kept our client informed every step of the way.  We explained our defenses and affirmative defenses, as well as how and why we would seek to dismiss the lawsuit.  All of our explanations are in plain English, rather than legalese, so you can be sure to understand every step of the process.  As one of our clients wrote:  “With attorney Rudnitsky, I never had to call his office to find out how my case was going he always kept me informed with everything that was going on with my case and I never needed a translator to understand what he was telling me, He always made sure that I understood everything that was going on with my case.”

After reviewing our defenses, Ford Motor Credit Company agreed to permanently dismiss their lawsuit, without our client having to pay them a penny: nothing for the deficiency, nothing for Ford Motor Credit Company’s attorney fees, and nothing for their court costs.

Don’t let a bad experience with another attorney stop you from calling us.  Taras and Tina have been married 30 years and working together 15 years, ever since they opened the law practice.  We make ourselves available to assist you.  Before you consider not answering a lawsuit, and before you consider filing for bankruptcy, call us to discuss your options.

Even if you signed an “as is” document or you think that you cannot afford an attorney, call us.  We offer free consultations and will be happy to speak to you.  Taras is familiar with new and used car deals, and with repo deficiency lawsuits.  Taras is also familiar with all types of auto fraud issues, including yo-yo deals (bait and switch financing), lemon law, arbitration agreements, improper and bad car repairs, contracts, rebuilt wrecks, and buy here / pay here lots.  We welcome your calls at 386-444-3032.  Or, if it’s more convenient for you, just click here to contact us by email.