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From Frozen in Fear to Relief that I Hired the Right Lawyer

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Before even being served the complaint about a debt collection lawsuit, I started receiving lawyer solicitations and I became frozen in fear. Then, I researched lawyers who specialized in this specific area and ‘Taras Rudnitsky’ came up on top. I called his office and talked to Chrystyna in a panic and she calmed me down and told me what my next steps should be. When I was finally served I was nervous but prepared. I immediately contacted Taras S. Rudnitsky again and set up a time to go over everything. He reconfirmed my belief that I was hiring the right lawyer when he said, “I’ll fight for you to the end.”  

That’s what I needed to hear. I had plenty of questions and every one of them was answered. I left knowing I had hired the right lawyer for my case. Throughout the process they kept me informed and even when there were communication issues on my end they tracked me down to keep the case moving ahead. Taras is polite, professional and well-deserving of his excellent reputation. He obtained a dismissal of my case. If I could give him ten stars I would! I highly recommend Taras Rudnitsky.