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High Caliber Attorney

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Client Review:

I bought a used car approximately two years ago from a *&%&* dealer on the recommendation of a church member.

The general wisdom in the case was to take the 6,000 plus loss and sell the car for scrap.
However this was wrong and the car dealer had broken several consumer laws.

Mr. Rudnitsky took my case after he reviewed the facts.

He was knowledgeable in every aspect of consumer auto fraud.
He always acted in my best interest.
He always acted ethically
He always had the courts respect.

There were no back door deals leaving the client holding the bag.
I understood what he is doing and why at all times.
You could not find a finer better attorney .
His office manager Tina kept me abreast of everything in my case by email.

I highly recommend this attorney.
I received a positive result from both the bond company and dealer and am very satisfied.
His office staff is also knowledgeable and patient and effective.