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Home Improvement Contract Violations

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Plaintiff (Client) Sued Defendants For: Home Improvement Contract Violations

Defendants: J.T. Construction Inc. and Jeffrey Torres

Defendants’ Attorney: Austin Aaronson Defendants’ Law Firm: Aaronson, Austin, PA

Case Outcome: Client received full refund of all payments

Client Problem: Our client entered into a contract with J.T. Construction to install a new roof on their home.  After receiving the deposit, J.T. Construction attempted to change the contract and delayed beginning work.  Despite repeated attempts to resolve this, J.T. Construction and its owner, Jeffrey Torres, refused to repair our client’s roof and refused to refund our client’s payment.

Outcome for Client:  We filed a lawsuit based on several causes of action.  Shortly afterward, the parties settled the lawsuit, with Defendants J.T. Construction and Jeffrey Torres refunding all of our Client’s payments and also paying the Client’s attorney fees and costs.  As a result, our Client received a full refund of all payments.

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