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Home Solicitation Sales Scam

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Our client, agreed to a product demonstration in her home here in Central Florida.  When they showed up for the home demonstration, the salesmen used a combination of intimidating and coercive tactics.  First, a pair of men showed up for the sale to a single mother.  Second, they promised her significant “prizes” if she signed up and talked her friends and family into also signing up.  Third, they took her original product out of her home, so that she would “need” the new one.  Fourth, they kept hounding her until she finally signed up, which they claimed carried no obligation.  Although the initial price looked reasonable, once you added up the various charges and interest payment, their product’s total cost was in the thousands, even though you could buy similar products at a department store for less than $200.  And, there was no evidence it worked any better.

We were able to use our extensive knowledge of consumer law, including the law applicable to home solicitation sales, to assist our client.  We sued the unscrupulous sales company and forced it to refund all her money to her, cancel her contract, reimburse her for the costs of litigation, and provide a comparable replacement product.