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Sued for a Debt in Another State?

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It would be extremely upsetting to find out you’ve been sued in some court on the other side of the state, much less the other side of the country.  That would be tremendously unfair, as most people cannot travel long distances to court to present their side of the story.  And, hiring a far-away lawyer is both difficult and expensive.

Those are some of the reasons that the law very strictly limits where you can be sued on a debt.  (The place where the lawsuit is pending is called the “venue” of the lawsuit.)  Under federal law, there are only two places where you can be sued by a debt collector on a consumer debt.  The first possible location is where you reside at the time the lawsuit is filed.  If the lawsuit deals with your interest in real estate, the lawsuit can only be brought where the property is located.  The second place where you can be sued on such a debt is where you signed the contract that created the debt.

If you’ve been sued on a debt in a different location, a local consumer lawyer can determine if the debt collector broke the law.  Contact us now through the web, or call us at 386-444-3032.