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Interrogatories for Debt Collection Cases

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During the “discovery” phase of a lawsuit, both sides may have the opportunity to ask the other side to answer interrogatories.  These are written questions that must be answered under oath.  They can be very important in finding out what evidence each side has to support their case – and what evidence they don’t have!  If a debt collector refuses to answer questions about your debt, or provide documents to prove the debt, that may be a sign they will be unable to prove their case at trial.

A person sued by a debt collector needs to be very careful in answering such interrogatories.  It should go without saying that the answers need to be truthful.  However, you have the right to object to certain questions.  For example, there is no legitimate reason to answer interrogatories asking for your bank account information.  That information is not relevant to whether you owe the debt or not.  Instead, debt collectors use this shady tactic to be intimidating and to save time later on, in case they win.  Generally, the best response to an irrelevant question is a legal objection.

If you have any questions about whether specific interrogatories are appropriate or not, you should contact a local consumer attorney experienced in defending debt collection cases to discuss the specific facts of your particular case.  If you are located in Central Florida, or have been sued for an alleged debt in Central Florida, (including Seminole County, Orange County, Lake County, Brevard County, Volusia County or Flagler County), please feel free to click on the “contact us” link or call us at 386-444-3032 for a free consultation with an experienced consumer attorney.