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I’ve Been Sued by a Debt Collector – What Are My Options?

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You hear a knock at the door thinking it’s your neighbor or a delivery you may be expecting and are surprised to see a process server or sheriff’s deputy handing you lawsuit papers.  Getting a lawsuit can be extremely stressful and upsetting.

Many people call the people suing them trying to work out a payment plan without even verifying if they are even responsible for the amount they are being sued for and without even checking if the debt collector has legal evidence to support their claims.  Others think they can try to defend the lawsuit on their own after doing some internet research, even though much of the information is simply wrong.  Still others will try to ask for validation of the debt, and (wrongly) think that will suspend the lawsuit.  Others consider bankruptcy, often because they are flooded by solicitations from bankruptcy lawyers.

Before you do any of these things, call the Rudnitsky Law Firm for a free consultation.  We will be happy to review your lawsuit papers, and discuss the case with you.  In most cases, we are able to find valid defenses and affirmative defenses.  In some cases, we also found counter-claims, meaning that you can sue the debt collector who is suing you.  We never charge our clients for this initial consultation.  In fact, the overwhelming majority of our clients who initially considered bankruptcy were able to win their lawsuit and not have to file for bankruptcy.

In many cases, we have already successfully defended debt collection cases brought by the same debt collectors or the same debt collection lawyers that are suing you.  We welcome you to review our cases to see a portion of the cases where we were successful in winning on behalf of our clients.  You can also read our client reviews and testimonials and the biography of attorney Taras Rudnitsky.  If you have any other questions about our firm our about your lawsuit, please feel free to contact us by email or by calling us at 386-444-3032.

We handle consumer protection cases in Orange, Seminole, Lake, Flagler, Brevard and Volusia Counties.  If you retain us, we will keep you updated about your case and answer any questions you have, even in the evenings and on weekends.  There are a lot of attorneys and law firms to choose from, so we appreciate you taking the time to visit our website and welcome your questions.