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Lawsuit Against Local Dealer Results in Justice for Client

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Case Outcome: Client recovers money damages from the local car dealer

Our client saw an online advertisement for a truck being sold by a car dealer. The advertisement stated that the truck was being sold with a 1 year bumper-to-bumper warranty.  Based in part on that warranty, our client purchased the truck.  On his way home, the truck began giving him problems almost right away – problems that the dealership did not repair under the warranty.

We filed an auto fraud and warranty lawsuit against the dealer. They hired a prominent law firm who often represents car dealers.  Not long after that firm was retained, the dealer agreed to settle our client’s case.  The settlement not only allowed our client to recover every penny they had paid to the dealer, but also his incidental expenses and an additional amount for his inconvenience.

We are experienced in taking on car dealers and car companies – we have been doing just that for more than 16 years.  We are familiar with various auto fraud claims, including not only violations of Florida laws but also violation of federal laws.  We have handled numerous claims relating to car warranties, car defects, odometer fraud, rebuilt wrecks, auto financing, repos, disclosure issues, and many other types of auto fraud.  We also represent people who have suffered serious personal injuries or wrongful death as a result of a car defect or auto fraud.  Taras is a former automotive engineer and automotive expert witness, and will analyze your unique facts and circumstances to determine the best claims for you.