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Lawsuit Victory Against Central Florida Dealership

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Type of Case: Auto Fraud / Breach of Warranty / Deceptive Practices

Case Outcome: Client received all her money back, plus additional damages

Our client went to a Central Florida buy-here, pay-here dealer to purchase a used car.  She wanted a reliable and dependable vehicle for work and school.  After speaking with the salesman, she chose a vehicle.  Before signing the paperwork, she insisted that a warranty be given on the air conditioner.  Shortly after driving the car home, she experienced severe engine problems, as well as other problems.

She tried to resolve those problems with the dealership and the salesman, to no avail.  She also spoke to several attorneys, but no one was willing to take her case.  Thankfully, she contacted the Rudnitsky Law Firm.  We promptly met with her, reviewed and analyzed her vehicle purchase documents, and accepted her case.  Using his experience, Taras was able to determine that the “As Is” provisions used by the dealer were not legally binding.

Because the salesman and dealership refused to honor their obligations to our client, Taras filed a lawsuit against both of them.  After reviewing our lawsuit and hiring their own attorney, they agreed to pay our client and settle the case even before the first court hearing.  Our client recovered all of her out-of-pocket costs for the car, as well as her attorney fees and court costs.

If you are in need of legal assistance and no one is helping you, don’t give up hope: we are here to help.  Many of our clients have been turned down by other lawyers before contacting us.  As we say, things happen for a reason.  Even if you signed an “as is” disclosure, we may still be able to help.  We are proud of the new friends we have made over the years in seeking justice for our clients, and we look forward to hearing from you.